Buena Park Post 354

Commander's Corner




We've been doing great things at the Post since my last message.
We've put up the gate at the front entrance.  A new beer refrigerator was installed at
the bar area so people can see what kind of beers we  have, and a new candy machine that
also dispenses sodas and waters. The money we make on the machine will belong to the Post.
The best news is the remodeling of our kitchen.
It's going great! The stove hood is up and new electrical and plumbing installed. We'll have three
floor drains in there as well. We're hoping it will be completed by the end of October.
A couple of weeks ago our hall ceiling was painted black to give the hall a fresh look
along with new fans. We're also looking to have the hall floor replaced.  Our post is looking
pretty good now. 
Even with all the mess, our post continues to have our weekly line up
with Monday night football, Taco Tuesday, weekend karaoke and so much more!
We also have a list of bands that will be playing atthe Legion this fall
(just look at the upcoming events page on this website or flyers at the Post.)
I wish to thank the Auxiliary for cooking all the food for the many special events we host.
They're doing a wonderful job!
It's great to be working as a team!
For the Good of the Legion,


On May 22nd, we had our Officer Installation. It was well attended and a fine event.
I want to thank all the new elected officers and the ones that got re-elected.
I have a great team to work with. I called them the “dream team” last year but this year will be so
much better.

For 2022-2023 we have a lot of things to accomplish. We plan to look into getting a digital sign in
front of our Post so the community can see what’s happening.  We will be adding urinals to
both men’s restrooms and adding doors around the toilets for privacy.
We will soon be installing a new lighting system for the stage. It should look great when the
bands are playing. Other projects are in the works along with beautifying the Post.

I also want to congratulate the Auxiliary which has become very strong with new members.
I look forward to working with them.
The Post has many new members as well as transfers. Apparently the word is out about the
wonderful things happening at Buena Park American Legion Post 354.

Keep a lookout on our website (Post354.com) as you will see the many things that are coming up.
For the Good of the Legion,

Robert, Commander

I want to let everyone know that the food bank (2nd Harvest) will be up and running
hopefully before Christmas as promised. It’s my way of helping our veterans, our
community, and our members of American Legion Post 354. I’ve had several meetings
with Second Harvest and Amazon to make this possible they really liked our facility
and what we do to help our veterans. This food bank is for everyone. It will be
drive-through situation to receive food and our members are more than welcome to
walk up and receive supplies.
The food bank will also give out toiletries as well.
I will keep everyone posted when the food bank will be up and running through our
website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Thank you!


Greetings Everyone,

I hope you're having a great day. Post 354 had a wonderful weekend.
We had 45 vendors on Saturday and it was a great success. Our Saturday night Luau
blended nicely to cap off the day. I also had a meeting with the Buean Park Mayor Connor Traut.
We talked about partnering with the city and what we can do to help each other.
We brainstormed at lot of great ideas. I invited the Mayor and the City Council
for the Second Fall Shopping Event on Saturday, October 30th. 
I also invited them to our Taco Tuesday and they'll let me know when they can
attend. They are going to help us out with find grants for our Post.
Mayor Traut will be setting up meetings with the right people that will help us move
in the right direction.
In the future, we will have the police explorers help us out when we have events
on the Legion property. Also we will have the ROTC from Buena Park High School helping out.
I want to give a shout out to Puna. She spearheaded the whole vendors event on Saturday
and did an outstanding job!
I was pretty amazed with the whole event myself. I introduced myself to all the
vendors and told them that we will continue having this event and they were quite pleased.
For the Good of the Legion,

Good morning everyone! 
It's been a while since I’ve written but this one might be the
most important Commanders Corner I’ve written.

We have a Legionnaire retired command Sergeant Major Mike Crespo. His wife is in Afghanistan
(she is a first sergeant in the US Army) they are requesting care packages because they have no
PX to shop at and they are barely getting 4 hours asleep at night while they process the refugees.
It’s literally a nightmare for our troops that are serving over there.
They need toothpaste, shampoo, soap, wipes, batteries, and ground coffee.
That is all they’re requesting and they’ll take whatever care packages we send them.
The address and the name to send the care packages is:
Johanna Arriaga
155 CSSB
APO AE , 09898

Or bring your items to the Post during operating hours.
Please do whatever you can do to support our troops while they are serving our country.
Thank you and have a great day for the good of the Legion,

I wanted to let our members know that we got the chain link fence extended.
Now you can take your drinks into the smoking area.
We still have a lot more projects to do but things take time. We will put a patio cover there
soon for shade but I need to bring that up to the eboard so please be patient.
Have a great day!
For the good of the Legion,

'Hope everyone had a great time during the Sangria event (photo below.)
t was a great success with everyone up and dancing!
I want to thank Anna and Ernie for doing all the cooking and preparing the meals for the event.
I also wanted to thank all the bartenders for working so hard. We had five bartenders working
which means we did a great job selling the food and drinks.
I also have some great news! We will be extending the fence into the parking lot around the
smoking area.
This will happen in about two weeks so the people that smoke will also be able to take
the drinks with them.
Once again I want to thank everyone that helped out with the Sangria event.
For the Good of the Legion,

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re having a great day wanted to let everyone now that the Post is looking really nice and clean. Ken & Cindy just painted all the handrails leading up into the post.
They’ve been doing so much work around the post and I really appreciate everything they do.
I removed the ladders from the wall on the back patio and put them in the shed and removed the anchors that were holding them in place.
Also, I wanted to let the smokers know that I’m getting estimates to extend the fence to the smoking area
so you can also take your drinks out there. We are also working on putting a patio cover over the
smoking area. Things take time so please be patient with us.
One last reminder don’t forget Sangria will be playing on Sunday, July 25th. If you need tickets
contact me or see the bartenders who are selling them.
For the good of the Legion,

I want to give a big shout out to Ken and Cindy for all the volunteer work they do
at the Post for making it a better place to come and enjoy.
We still have many more projects to complete but as y’all know, everything takes time.
Also, I would like to thank all the people who are using the smoking area.
The patio looks nice and clean. I would also like to remind our members and friends that
Sangria band will be here on Sunday, July 25.
Please see bartenders for tickets. All the VIP tickets are sold out but we have the $15
tickets available.
 the Good of the Legion,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have put "No Smoking" signs on the outdoor patio.
We now have a designated smoking area outside the gate where the two sheds used to be.
We will soon get an umbrella for shade.
The reason for the no smoking rule on the patio is to keep it clean. We have been sweeping
and picking up cigarette butts on the ground almost daily. This will be healthier for our members
who don’t smoke, so please use the designated smoking area that we provide.
Remember the patio is for all our members.
I realize some members will not agree with me, but everything I do is "for the good of the Legion."
With that being said, have a great day.

The Phantom Fireworks Fundraiser proved to a huge success spearheaded by

Legionnaire Jose Chacon.
A big thank you to all volunteers who helped sell during its four day run.
Our percentage from this total will be posted soon.
All money earned will go towards our very important building fund. 

This fantastic fundraiser will be happening again next year at the same spot
(Stanton/LaPalma Ave)

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
I want to thank all the volunteers that put in many hours to make the Phantom fireworks
stand a great success! We sold close to $60,000 of fireworks so hard work does pay off.
I also want to recognize Jose Chacon. He is the one who got the fireworks stand
for our Post, and he was there working hard every minute from beginning
to end. Also, I want to thank the many folks from the Legion who brought us breakfast and
lunch to eat and water to drink, so a big thank you.
Now it’s time for us to get ready for our next event which will be Sunday, July 25th
with Sangria playing that day (Click here to hear them).
See the bartenders for tickets. This is a fundraiser for our post, so please come out and
support our Post as we are ready to do great things for the year.
Once again I want to thank everyone from the bottom my heart.


Dear Comrades,
I want to introduce myself as your new Post 354 Commander, Robert Juarez.
I promise to all the members of 354 that I will do everything I can to make our post
wonderful and also to make sure that we have a great environment where
our members can relax, laugh, and have fun.
It’s going to be a busy year for me as I plan on doing many important things for the
good of the Legion with the help of my officers, Auxiliary, Sons, and the Riders.
We will work together as one. Feel free to call me with your ideas.
My number is 323-793-2779.
Please do not hesitate to call me.

Please come and support our fireworks booth on La Palma Ave., in front
of the old Sears building in Buena Park this week.
We will start selling fireworks on Thursday, July 1st through Sunday, July 4th. 
If anyone would like to volunteer to work the fireworks booth, please call me.
Also our first event will be Sunday, July 25th. We will have the band, Sangria, playing that day.
Call me for tickets. Please check our website for the prices.
This event will be a fundraiser for the Legion to help restore the building.
Tickets are also available with our bartenders, so please support our fundraiser.
For anything you need to know about Post 354, check our website.
It's updated all the time, and 
will tell you everything that is happening at our Post.
So with that being said, please have a safe and sane Fourth of July.
Your Commander,
Robert Juarez